Wooden Slats In Architectural Designs

Wood slats in architectural applications provide an aesthetically appealing way to soften facades while offering a solution for privacy, climate control, and shade from the sun. When combined with other adjacent materials wooden slats can also act as enclosures. 

Benefits of Utilizing reSAWN’s Wooden Slats in Architectural Applications
  • Research & Development – For each wood species, a certain understanding of how that species accepts finishes and how it will weather is crucial. reSAWN has the research, industry knowledge, and expertise to guide a specifier, builder, or end-user through the specification process.
  • Pre-Finished Options – reSAWN offers a variety of aesthetically pleasing, low maintenance, plant-based, environmentally responsible factory finishes in a wide range of color options.
  • Natural Durability – Our product offering is naturally durable, and does not include any chemical preservatives.
  • Energy Efficiency– Exterior wooden slats mitigate harsh sun and heat by blocking the sun’s rays.
  • Full Enclosure Wood Slat Facades – Slats can cover roofs in addition to facades which creates a delicate, one-of-a-kind, seamless timber structure.

If you’d like to learn more about specifying reSAWN TIMBER co.'s slats get in touch with us via this form. We’re happy to assist.