reSAWN TIMBER co. Field Mockup Program

A mockup is useful in evaluating the integration of systems and performance of materials in the enclosure design.

When establishing and specifying the mockup process, the complexity of the enclosure design is significant since it corresponds to the level of risk inherent in the design. This is where the largest water leakage and performance difficulties occur.

It is critical for project team members to discuss and understand exterior mockup goals early in the process - whether it's for aesthetics, performance requirements, or both.

Field Mockup Benefits:

  • Specify material confidently, knowing that the product suits the exact exterior conditions where the structure is being built

  • Observe some amount of weathering

  • Understand product appearance over a larger field of material

  • Observe tolerance for wood movement in a project-specific climate

  • Monitor effectiveness in rear ventilation & drainage through assembly details (i.e. rainscreens)

  • Include all stakeholders in the project to set realistic expectations for how materials will perform and weather

If you’re interested to see how our exterior cladding will perform on your project site, we offer a field mockup program. Please fill out the form on this page and a reSAWN representative will contact you to get the process started. We’re happy to assist. 

At reSAWN TIMBER co., we celebrate and visually leverage wood’s inherent tendency to weather over time by designing modern, high-performance products that are meant to age in place with grace.